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Recommended for immobilizing the hock joint due to neurological problems or during post surgical recovery

Can be used to relieve pain or help with lameness and difficulty moving

Stabilizes the hock and disperses the body’s weight, helping to avoid additional damage

Allows dogs to move freely, ensuring muscles can be stretched and flexed while ligaments remain contracted

Inner splints can be removed, allowing it to be used as a compression brace for arthritis and arthrosis

Item #



BTHOCKXXS XX-Small 5 - 10 lbs
BTHOCKXS X-Small 10 - 20 lbs
BTHOCKS Small 20 - 55 lbs
BTHOCKM Medium 55 - 75 lbs
BTHOCKL Large 75 - 110 lbs
BTHOCKXL X-Large 110+ lbs