Return / Exchange Policy

KVP International (KVP) maintains a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects. KVP will not refund any used product because of poor fit, refusal of the pet/patient to wear the item properly, if items expire, or if unused inventory does not sell. KVP will accept unused, unopened, unexpired goods for a 10% restocking fee within 1 year of purchase. In order to determine a manufacturer’s defect, a KVP representative must inspect the item in person, or with photos/videos. Please contact KVP for an RMA#.

KVP maintains a 5-year warranty on all parts for the Snarem™ Premium product and a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects. KVP will accept unused, unopened, Premium Snare product for a 10% restocking fee within 1 year of purchase.

KVP maintains a separate policy for all Caerus™ products.


Return / Exchange Policy

Once the brace leaves the veterinary clinic, KVP International (KVP) DOES NOT offer a full refund. Refunds will only be honored if, during the initial fitting, the brace is determined to be a poor fit, and/or the brace is affecting the health or healing of the patient, and/or there is a manufacturer’s defect.

KVP will not offer a refund, exchange, or return on a Caerus™ brace unless, prior to the patient leaving the clinic with the brace, a veterinarian and a KVP representative conclude that the brace is an improper molding/fit or a manufacturer’s defect. If after taking possession of the brace, the patient develops further harm to the affected limb or injury site, and a veterinarian determines that the  Caerus™ brace is at fault, a full refund will be issued. All brace charges will be collected immediately. KVP does not offer refunds for refusal of your pet to wear the brace. Shipping charges will not be refunded. No refund will be granted for any brace that does not fit properly due to improper fitting from the veterinarian, although exchanges will be honored. KVP does not refund any rush fees associated with a device for any rush order. If the purchaser simply does not want to use the device for reasons other than improper fit or function, KVP will not offer a refund.

We recommend that a KVP representative conduct a visual inspection of the brace before offering a partial refund for improper fit. This may include photos or video, as well as live video conferencing.


Patient evaluation, consultation, design, fitting, and follow-up adjustment support are provided for 30 days at no additional cost, unless there is a change in the animal’s physical condition. After 30 days, KVP is no longer responsible for any refunds or exchanges. Services may be necessary for reasons such as changes in your pet's physical condition, functional capabilities, or wear and tear/damage to your pet's device. Charges of this nature vary depending on material costs and time for services rendered.

The 30-day warranty becomes VOID if: The device has been independently adjusted, repaired or altered without consent from KVP. The device, or any of its parts, have been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident, including damage from biting or chewing. The pet owner understands it is their responsibility to see their veterinarian if special medical management or further care pertaining to the wearing of this device is necessary. The veterinarian or KVP must be informed should any adjustments to this device be needed. The pet owner assumes responsibility for informing their veterinarian of any change to their pet's overall health that may affect the wearing of this device.